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Testing of Cryospheric Scenario in Sodankylä

The Arctic Space Centre of Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) has made measurement flights with the drones in Sodankylä around cryospheric scenario and intelligent traffic scenario of the project. In the cryospheric scenario, snow measurements are made at wetland and forested areas with a hyperspectral camera installed on a drone. This is in order to compare measured reflectance with Sentinel-2 satellite data, aiming to research the possibility to improve interpretation of satellite data. In the intelligent traffic scenario, drones are used to study the possibility to measure road weather conditions in a closed test track. While doing the measurements, problems like recognition of a vehicle on the road with emergency lights on, are also studied. These scenarios aim to improve the observations and the safety of the public in the long run. In the project, FMI will continue collecting and improving observations for these scenarios.