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HYBGEO – Hybrid geothermal technology and data enabling positive energy buildings

Toimiala: Digitalisaatio

Projektin kesto: 1.7.2020-30.6.2023

Toiminta-alue: Kansallinen

Rahoittajat: Business Finland

Projektipäällikkö: Janne Känsäkoski

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The project co-innovates and integrates technology and service solutions in PEB house concepts and demonstrates the performance in real case at Helsinki. The house concepts and technologies for these will be conceptualized and productized at easy-to-select and easy-to-install level.

The objective is to develop and demonstrate the ability of the PEB solutions (e.g. semi-deep geothermal resource, system and borehole technologies, collectors/heat exchangers, multisource heat pump, solar PV(T), ground seasonal storage, energy storages and building service systems e.g. HVAC, lighting) to fulfil the end user heating and cooling needs with a minimum ecological footprint. The project aims at co-innovate and productize easy to install technologies.

The project aims at evidence-based impact creation by piloting at Helsinki Kalasatama. The pilot case will target to positive decision-making spiral enhancing PEBs/PEDs. The participants will develop their networked business concepts for scaling and replication in order to understand how to do PEB again and in a better way, with better products and solutions, not only at local markets but also at export markets.

The project is done in collaboration with Basso Building Systems, Gebwell, GTK, Muovitech, Rototec, Tom Allen Senera and VTT.

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