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3D visualisation for a hiking trail

AA3D aims to promote drone technologies for tourism industry in various use cases. One of the project demonstrations includes 3D visualisations for tourism purposes. An app provides a 3D map of a touristic route that can be observed from various angles and distances. As an example, a Finnish hiking trail, Pieni Karhunkierros of Kuusamo, will be visualised in the app with the altitude data. A video of the trail is presented by only a tap on the highlighted part of the route on the map.

Tapping the icon on the map opens additional images and videos of the route. Videos and other material of the trail can be produced by using a drone. The current version of the app can be seen in the pictures. More icons will be added on the map during the development process of the demonstration. The app demonstration is planned to be introduced to the tourism actors of Kuusamo during the upcoming autumn.