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AA3D: Crossborder communication testing in Sweden

We test and evaluate different types of online meetings within the AA3D project. As we all know, it has not been possible to meet in person for almost a year. We have therefore tested how to do cross-border work online and found that there are several tools that, at least to some extent, support creative and innovative work. However, being online often means trying to mimic interactions in a physical meeting, such as sharing a whiteboard, documents, and using notes to share ideas and the like.

What is missing is the opportunity to “hang out” between work sessions or to visualize that “I am in my office”. We have used a tool ( that has made it possible to just walk past a colleague’s office and chat, which you can normally do when you are at work. But nothing is as good as work meeting IRL (in real life), out on the ice, -16 degrees, a sunny day, of course keeping distance.